About Us:

Amédée is an art inspired beauty brand that produces a high-end line of cosmetics and perfumes. The core principle of Amédée is to provide an experience of high performance, honest pricing and halal beauty to the customers. 



Our Story:

Beginning as an unconventional perfumery house in 2015, Scent Galerie help their guests to determine their perfume personality by using Scentmap. In July 2017, Scent Galerie launched their own in-house brand – Amédée. They have broken the rules by offering high-performance perfumes that lasts up to 18 hours at an affordable price to the guests. The strategy worked and they manage to sell 10000-pc of Amédée perfumes within 3-month. With this success story, Amédée will expand its categories to cosmetic & distribution via online and direct peer-to-peer. 


The Future:

As a brand, we are fun yet timeless and we are always innovating! When we create a new product, we are inspired to shock the whole world. In beauty industry, often quality products were priced at a premium. Hence, Amédée is here to close the gap by offering niche products to the masses. It’s driven by the idea of serving the underserved and serve it well.